Gilster-Mary Lee has 13 locations that are strategically located in the Midwestern United States across three states. And because of our locations, we can easily meet your needs with our company owned Truck Fleet that delivers throughout the United States. For more information about our products, locations, and how we can meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our locations are listed below:

Chester, Illinois

  • Baking Mix Plant: This 165,000 square foot facility produces a variety of retail and food service items. The building is also home to the company headquarters and main research & development lab.
  • Shredded Wheat / Marshmallow Plant: Gilster-Mary Lee's newest plant is 136,000 square feet and manufactures shredded wheat breakfast cereal and marshmallows.

Steeleville, Illinois

  • Baking Mix and Macaroni & Cheese Plant: This 225,000 square foot facility produces a variety of macaroni & cheese dinners and baking mixes.
  • Pasta Plant: Gilster-Mary Lee manufactures a full line of pasta, add-meat dinners, mac & cheese items, and RTS frosting in this 400,000 square foot plant.

Momence, Illinois

  • Cocoa Plant: The Momence cocoa plant is 40,000 square feet and manufactures a variety of chocolate products including hot cocoa mixes, chocolate syrup and instant chocolate drink mixes.

Centralia, Illinois

  • Corrugated Plant: This 115,000 square foot facility produces the corrugated sheets that are formed into shipping cases at the McBride, MO box plant.

McBride, Missouri

  • Popcorn and Cereal Plants and Distribution Center: The McBride plant produces microwave popcorn and RTE breakfast cereals. This facility also serves as Gilster-Mary Lee's main distribution center. The total complex is 500,000 square feet.

Perryville, Missouri

  • Baking Mix Plant: The Perryville baking mix plant occupies 125,000 square feet and produces baking mixes and potato items.
  • Cereal Plant: This 185,000 square foot facility produces a variety of RTE breakfast cereals.

Jasper, Missouri

  • Popcorn Plant: Totaling 75,000 square feet, this facility produces raw popcorn and packages both poly and microwave popcorn.

Joplin, Missouri

  • Cereal Plant: The Joplin cereal plant is 120,000 square feet and manufactures, warehouses and distributes RTE breakfast cereals.

Perryville, Missouri Distribution & Trucking

  • Truck Garage:  Constructed in 2009, this 40,000 square foot facility maintains the Gilster-Mary Lee truck fleet consisting of 325 tractors and 800 trailers.
  • General Warehousing and Trailer Lot:  Built in 2009, this 96,000 square foot facility offers additional warehouse space for the company’s growing business and serves as a holding lot for our transportation fleet.